2013 - What A Year!

As we draw near to closing 2013 & prepare to welcome in 2014, BR&M couldn't have asked for a better year! It turned out so great that Janet & Vivian decided it was time to ride around town with BRITN 1 & 2 and give our clients a chance to spot us around town and get our name more visible in the area.

Of course, it was a nice reward for a year of determination and hard-work. Janet chose the "firey red" that reflects her ready-to-go attitude and takes the lead as BRITN-1 (BR1TN), while Viv chose "sand-dune" to reflect her easy-going attitude and her love for the beach, she's BRITN2. Remember, if you see us around town in BR1TN or BRITN2 be sure to honk & wave!