Our beloved "Pony" Turns 50!

Here at Brighton Realty we love to celebrate great occasions, milestones & anniversaries and as you can imagine, we were quite thrilled when Brighton's very own broker, Kathy Miller, was part of the 50 year anniversary of the classic '64 Ford Mustang, also known as "pony cars".









Kathy, an "original owner", first fell in love with the Mustang the day her parents surprised her, in the spring of 1964, with her very own Ford Mustang. Kathy had just graduated high school and the Mustangs were only 1 month old.














Fifty years later, Kathy is still having fun with her "pony". After the car was restored 10 years ago, she regularly takes it by trailer to shows where   she partakes with other enthusiasts & fans alike of this great American car. Back home in Ohio, we can still hear them chant, "Ride Kathy, ride..."