Rental Fees

Here at BR&M, we caught wind about the vacation rental marketplace breaking out with what is being termed as "convenience fees".






Now the Vacation Rental industry seems to be catching on. Many rental companies are opting to charge additional fees such as "booking fees", "change fees" and even "parking fees" to their reservation and usually to unaware customers.








Here at BR&M, our philosophy is to keep it "Simple, Convenient & Affordable". We believe in giving great customer service first - which includes disclosing all fees upfront.  Typical fees usually include a cleaning fee, which is optional (you can opt to do the cleaning yourself) and an application fee if you are renting a condo that has an Association. There are also fees for background checks - all of which are discussed at time of booking. When you book your reservation with BR&M you will find no hidden charges and no small print to read - the price your quoted is the price you pay. At BR&M, we still believe that the best practice in business is always... disclose, disclose, disclose.