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Pre-Marketing Checklist -- Preparing Your Home to Sell

Pre-Marketing Checklist


Preparing Your Property to Sell

We can't stress enough how important it is to get your property in its best possible condition prior to offering it for sale.  Everyone wants to sell their home in the least amount of time at the best possible price, right? 

The simple truth is that homes with great curb appeal and homes that are super clean, well maintained, and have pleasing decor sell faster and for more money than homes that don't measure up.  It doesn't need to cost you a boatload of money . . . just work your way through this checklist to be certain you are presenting your home in its best possible light.

Selling? Spruce Up Your Home For A Quick Sale

When selling your home, you must convince buyers that your property is the best choice among all the other listed properties, and offers top value for the dollars spent.  Here are some fast fixes that you can do to make your home more appealing, sell faster, and for the best possible price.

Tips for a Successful Short Sale

When you owe more on your home than it’s worth, you need to sell, and you don't have the financial resources to bring money to the closing table, a short sale may be your best option. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through the short sale process.