Ready to Make a Move?

Friday, January 16, 2015 at 4:55 pm in
boats in harbor at fort myers

Living in Florida clearly has it's advantages: sun, warmth, miles of beaches and plenty of natural wonder to explore & enjoy! (Photo Courtesy of VZ)

But there are many other things to consider when thinking about relocating to the sunshine state and to be precise - SW Florida! Here in SWFL we enjoy one of the lowest sales tax in the state, along with no (that's zero) individual income tax in the entire state! Recently in the news, we heard Florida narrowly missed becoming the 3rd most populace state in the country and yet much of Florida is still growing. If you're considering making the move, either for the beaches, the golfing, the fishing, or just the warmth and sunshine, let BR&M lend you a guiding hand. We are here for you and all your real estate needs.